How The Wait Time For A Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Sparked A Violent Response

The Popeyes chicken sandwich has caused mayhem ever since it hit the fast food chain's menu. Fans of the poultry meal love it so much, the chicken restaurant sells about 1,000 sandwiches per store a day, according to CNBC. Its massive success has even ignited the Chicken Sandwich Wars, which has caused pretty much every other chain to try and copy their signature entree. With that kind of demand, you can imagine that sometimes the drive-thru can get a little crowded. 

While some customers are happy to wait their turn, others don't seem to have as much patience. If you remember, a Maryland man that was trying to get his hands on the chicken sandwich made headlines after fatally stabbing a customer in 2019. He believed the victim was trying to cut in front of him, while waiting in line for his meal. Unfortunately, it looks like another angry customer recently lost it after having to wait for their sandwich.

Enraged Popeyes patron breaks glass after being told to wait for entree

The Stafford County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook that Yordim Escolero Moreira, 38, flew into a rage after being told he had to wait for his food order. The Virginia police said that the staff at Popeyes could tell that he was irate, so they tried to calm him down by offering him chicken tenders instead, but he refused saying he wanted his chicken sandwich. When that didn't happen quickly enough for Moreira, he cursed at the employees and punched the glass door, before taking off in his vehicle.

Followers of the post were quick to react, with one commenting, "Imagine him going in Popeyes late 2019 when there was the chicken sandwich shortage. What level of a childish anger would he have shown." Another added that they understand this particular location has some problems, but "people need to give fast food servers a freaking break and stop being mean." Ultimately, the suspect was later arrested by deputies and charged with destruction of property.