Should You Be Seasoning Vegan Meat?

Between Beyond Burgers to Impossible Sausages, there are so many options for vegan meat that are now available in popular restaurant chains like Burger King and Dunkin'. Now, our plant-based friends won't have to miss out on that delicious breakfast sandwich after a night out on the town, and by the way these fast-food chains prepare the meat, they, and even you, would never know the difference.

For interested non-vegans and vegans alike, you can also easily buy your own vegan meat in major supermarkets like Costco and Target to prepare in your own kitchen. However, if you're a Beyond Meat newbie, it might be hard figuring out how exactly you want to prepare your vegan burger.

According to Tim Mulkerin, writing on Lifehacker last year, seasoning your vegan meat is a must, comparing the food to a "blank canvas" that you should customize with a variety of spices, similar to a regular burger.

How to do it?

The Lifehacker article states that rubbing your Impossible Burger in spices like garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, black pepper, and other seasonings will give it a delicious smoky flavor. Do this with as many burgers as you want, especially if you're cooking for a whole party. Then, let them marinate for a bit in the spices, and pop them in the fridge if you're not going to cook them right away.

Afterwards, throw them on a pan or a grill, and cook the "meat" patties according to the instructions on the package. Lastly, serve them on a bun or alone, and with any condiments you might like. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much more elevated your plant-based burger is than if you just prepared it plain.

So for the next summer barbeque you attend, grab a pack of Impossible Burgers. Even your non-vegan friends will thank you for it. Oh, and don't hold the seasonings.