The Surprising Breakfast Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Eats To Prep For Black Adam

If you don't periodically pull up Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram page to gawk at his cheat-day meals... you should fix that. Those familiar with Dwayne Johnson's eating habits know that most of the retired wrestler's days are powered by muscle-making rice, egg whites, and fish — but when an off day from the gym comes around, his entertainingly sugary plates look like they could feed a family of four.

Sadly, Johnson's cheat-meal photos have been limited in recent months as the actor maintains his physique for his starring role in DC Films' upcoming "Black Adam." The film is in its final week of production, Johnson shared on Instagram, and he's been limiting his sodium and water intake to prepare for the "hardest" final scenes.

He didn't take July 4 off. Over the holiday weekend, The Rock shared a photo of his bowl of brown rice, egg whites, flank steak, and blueberries, a sweet and savory combination that he just "shovels in." To wash it all down was a large cup of watery brown rice oatmeal, which Johnson prefers to drink for efficiency. "With COVID it's been two years of character, story, and production prep and it all culminates to next week," the actor said in the caption, adding that the movie creates a "unique" and "cool" universe. But, he added, "I need f'n pancakes!"

Johnson will likely celebrate the end of filming with pancakes

Based on The Rock's few cheat-meal posts since the beginning of the year, he's had quite the sweet tooth for pancakes. And they're not just the ones from the recipe on the back of the pancake mix box. Johnson is very proud of "DJ's infamous coconut banana pancakes," a creation by his personal chef. He shared the recipe for the pancakes — which get their flavor and texture from coconut milk, coconut water, shredded coconut, and diced banana — on Instagram in February and has been eating them nearly every Sunday ever since.

The Rock usually finishes his pancakes with a slathering of peanut butter or a shocking amount of maple syrup. (Really: "As the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash down, so does the syrup on these pancakes," he describes in one post.) In another video, he laughs almost maniacally at the steam wafting from his pile of flapjacks. "This is the moment where my mouth salivates and I get silly and stupid," he says joyfully. We can only hope that his post-production pancakes are just as delicious.