TikTok Is Divided On This Skittles And Sriracha Combo

For weird food combinations that make you do a double-take, the TikTok app is where it's at. From watermelon topped with mustard, to strawberry and feta pasta sauce, and even pickles brined in Kool-Aid, it seems nothing is off-limits when it comes to creating a viral food trend.

When popular content creator Spice King shared the TikTok video of him eating spoonfuls of Skittles covered in sriracha sauce while sitting in his car, it wasn't long before the comment section was filled and the video was trending. The consensus of whether the combo is #BussinOrDisgusting still remains up in the air, however, Spice King insists it worth a try.

"I heard sriracha and skittles are good together," Spice King began his video. He didn't go into detail about where exactly he heard such a thing, but as many commenters speculated, it very well could have been a misinterpretation of another TikTok food trend, Skittles enchilados. Either way, there are plenty of TikTokers who apparently ended up enjoying the combo just as much as Spice King did.

This isn't the first time spicy Skittles appeared on TikTok

Sweet and spicy treats are popular across TikTok, especially "chile gushers," which are Fruit Gushers with Tajín, as well as "Skittles enchilados," which are Skittles with chamoy sauce. The exact ingredients and measurements vary from video to video, but In the Know explains, "these trendy snacks basically just involve making the popular treats extremely spicy — by adding Chamoy sauce, a spiced Mexican condiment, with popular Mexican spices like Tajín."

Instead of using a Mexican condiment, however, Spice King opted for sriracha. Although Skittles enchilados and Spice King's sriracha Skittles do have a similar sweet to spicy ratio, the flavor profiles of the two are actually a lot different. As In the Know further elaborates, Tajín and chamoy sauce have sweet, sour, and salty flavors in addition to chile spice. Sriracha, on the other hand, is mostly heat and pure spice. Since Spice King drenched his Skittles in sriracha, many claimed it would overpower the taste of the candy too much, rendering it unenjoyable. Some commenters on Spice King's YouTube channel just weren't sold: "I'm getting chills from just watching," one said. "I tried this and I had the worst stomach ache," another person added.

But if you love spicy food as much as Spice King does, you can't go wrong with this combo.