Baseball Fans Can't Stop Talking About This Foul Ball, Beer, And Baby Save

Baseball is one of those few sports where, if you're sitting in a lucky seat and you've also got some high-level reflexes, you might just come home with a special souvenir. While ice cream helmets are cool and all, there's no better keepsake from a day at the ballpark than a foul ball hit into the stands. It does make for better TV footage if you do the sweet thing and gift it to the nearest small child, though. And you'll always get extra points if you not only make the catch bare-handed but also manage it with a drink in one hand.

One Arizona dad, however, may have just entered the annals of foul-ball catching with one of the most epic grabs of all time. A video posted by Fansided shows how this Diamondbacks fan not only ticked the bare-handed and beer-holding boxes, but he was also carrying a baby at the time. He did drop the baby as he reached for the ball, but somehow caught them in mid-air, securing baby, ball, and beer before raising the last one in a victory toast. (No word as to whether he actually gifted the ball to his infant, however.)

Twitter couldn't believe this legendary catch

In the court of public opinion (now outsourced to Twitter), the jury is still out as to whether this baseball fan is amazing or negligent, but a surprising number of people aligned with the former faction. One impressed fan tweeted: "This is the most amazing dad s*** I've ever seen. Dude let the baby go, caught the ball, recovered the baby mid air, only spilled a drop of beer and the baby didn't drop the bottle. Legendary!" Another used commented: "This might be the greatest single catch ever made in a baseball stadium. Not one major league baseball player has ever caught a ball with a baby OR a beer in their hands, let alone both! I bow down to this hero!"

Other Twitter users seemed to feel very differently. One apparent mom wrote: "lemme find out my man almost drop our baby cus he wanna catch a ball! A BALL!? Over the human being I carried for 9 months?" While there were a number of Diamondbacks fans who took a "no harm, no foul" approach to the video, another Twitter user, however, argued: "if you're holding a baby move tf out of the way and let someone else handle catching the ball and whatnot. The all's well that ends well vibe in this thread is just ..."