Why Robert Irvine Says Restaurant: Impossible Is The Only 'Real' Show Of Its Kind

It's been several years since "Restaurant: Impossible" made its debut on national television and introduced its audiences to Robert Irvine and his team. The show truly lived up to its name — Irvine was responsible for helping severely struggling restaurants change the way they operate. It was a tough task that was made even more challenging by the fact that the team had just two days to figure out how to accomplish their goals.

It's a series that has survived the test of time and is still an audience favorite. Irvine also still feels strongly about the show, and remains invested in the restaurants after he works with them. "We spend a lot of time checking in with folks, especially in the immediate aftermath of a turnaround," he told Spark. "We want to make sure that new menu items are landing with customers and that they're satisfied with the craftsmanship of the renovation, which, being perfectly honest, they always are."

Robert Irvine defends the show with passion

Recently, Irvine replied to a comment on Twitter about how other shows possibly explored similar concepts before "Restaurant: Impossible" appeared. The fan added that they loved watching the episodes nevertheless and said that they're particularly impressed by the television personality's passion and dedication. Irvine replied to this and stated that the show is as real as it gets because he's the one who wrote the concept himself.

Also, the chef told the Food Network in an interview that the show is based on real life experiences and that it was his dream come true. That said, he's surprised that the show has managed to stay on air for a decade. Despite experiencing a few challenges after the pandemic struck, Irvine and his crew have managed to come back with a bang. He explained that while the filming protocols have changed as per safety guidelines, "the mission never changed" and they remain passionate about helping restaurants get back on track.