These High-Protein Foods Got The Pioneer Woman Through Her Pre-Wedding Diet

Preparing for a wedding is a stressful event for anyone, between the planning and the preparation for when the big day arrives. Fans of the Pioneer Woman have certainly seen everything leading up to her daughter's wedding which was also broadcast for a television special. But one thing avid fans didn't see was the pre-wedding diet Ree Drummond followed.

According to The Pioneer Woman blog, she turned to eating more protein and developing more muscle mass to help her during her diet and fitness plan. Not only did this help Drummond lose weight, but it helped her break through the dreaded plateaus in her weight loss journey too, as she described it. Eating high-protein foods and snacks helps you to lose weight because it causes you to feel full for longer but for far fewer calories than other foods (via Healthline). Protein is actually the "most filling macronutrient," according to Healthline. So it could be worth trying to increase your daily protein intake if you're looking to stay full for longer to lose some weight.

These are Drummond's favorite high-protein foods

While some high-protein foods are more filling than others, it turns out that fish is actually one of the best high-protein foods for feeling full for the longest period of time, according to Healthline. However, Drummond had plenty of her own favorite picks that she turned to during her pre-wedding diet. From snacks to meals, she had tons of great high-protein foods to suit any meal of the day.

"My favorite high-protein foods that got me through: Low fat plain Greek yogurt (add a little sugar-free vanilla syrup for a sweet snack, or use it as the basis for veggie dips), low-fat cottage cheese, lean beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, cod, egg whites (I'm obsessed), raw almonds, 1% milk, Swiss cheese, homemade protein balls (recipe coming soon)...I love it all!" Drummond wrote on The Pioneer Woman blog. To round out her diet, she added in other great healthy foods. "Then to fill in the blanks, lots of spinach (raw or cooked), an apple a day, kale, carrots...the good stuff," she said.

So take a tip from her and consider adding some of her healthy practices into your own routine. Don't forget to look for some of her new healthy recipes online too.