You Could Win Free McDonald's Fries For Life. Here's How

Forget about complicated stacked burgers oozing with sauce and mountains of toppings. French fries, with their crispy salty exterior concealing a creamy potato filling, are arguably the most delicious option on a fast food menu. McDonald's makes some of the best fries around. They're unassumingly simple, yet it's hard to stop at just one, thanks to their perfect combination of texture and saltiness.

If you're a fan of french fries (let's be serious, who isn't?), then you'll want to know all about McDonald's plans for National French Fry Day on July 13. First of all, an entire day dedicated to this delicious fast food staple is clearly going to be a highlight of the month. According to USA Today, McDonald's has decided to rename the day World Famous Fan Day and will hold a contest to reward its devoted customers. This fan fiesta will coincide with their new loyalty program, MyMcDonald's Rewards, launching on July 8.

What does this mean for the average fry lover? On July 13, all members of the new rewards program will receive free french fries by adding the deal to their cart through the McDonald's app. McDonald's is not stopping there — one lucky fan will win free french fries for life! USA Today estimates the value of two medium fries weekly for 50 years at $19,685. Other prizes include bonus points for 66 additional winners, which should get you a substantial supply of fries as well.

How do you enter to get free fries?

You'll have from July 13-20 to sign up for the exciting first place prize to win fries for life. To enter the contest, McDonald's wants you to create a tweet explaining why you love the chain and what makes you their number one fan (via McDonald's). A photo or 60-second video is encouraged if it shows how much you love the Golden Arches. Be sure to follow and tag @McDonalds, use the hashtag #MyMcDonaldsFanContest, and hashtag your state's two letter abbreviation in the tweet.

This isn't a random contest based on chance — McDonald's will be judging all of the entries based on creativity, originality, artistic expression, and love and affinity for McDonald's. So get your imagination flowing — the prize is definitely worth some extra brainstorming to create top content.

Aside from exciting prizes and the possibility of a lifetime of free fries, MyMcDonald's Rewards customers will be able to obtain points with each purchase, which can be swapped for free menu items, according to McDonald's. Access to points and freebies will all be available through the McDonald's App. To encourage you to join in on the fun and gain more points with your purchases, MyMcDonald's Rewards program will even dole out extra points when you make your first order. What are you waiting for? McDonald's is eager to share the love they've been feeling for decades.