These Are The Best Cheeses To Pair With Honey Mustard

When it comes to condiments, you really can never have enough. One of the great pleasures in life for foodies is finding that exact spread or sauce that pairs perfectly with whatever you're making, whether that be a delectable sandwich or a piece of roasted meat. A particular superstar on many a sandwich or charcuterie board is the humble yet complex honey mustard, which adds a bit of that trademark mustard tanginess as well as a punch of sweetness. It's versatile and can be paired with so many things — including cheese.

So, what cheeses go well with that particular flavor combination? It turns out, quite a few. The flavor notes in honey mustard pair really well with cheeses that have a soft, creamy texture and a bit of a buttery taste, such as Brie and Camembert. If you want to go with a classic, a cheddar can also work really well with honey mustard for a perfect impromptu cheese plate.

Finally, to round out your selections, try a Gruyère — either young or aged will work perfectly with honey mustard. A young Gruyère has some of those creamy textural notes, like Brie and Camembert. As it ages, it has a bit of a sharper flavor, with some notes of hazelnut and apricot. What's not to love about all that paired with a sweet yet tangy honey mustard?

A few additional tips for pairing cheese with mustard

Many are familiar with pairing cheeses with jams or other fruit-forward accoutrements or perhaps something milder like nuts, but why does honey mustard make such a great accompaniment to cheese? Mustard can actually help bring out some of the more subtle, floral notes found in many cheeses. The inclusion of honey in honey mustard also adds a sweetness that provides some complexity.

One important thing to consider when navigating which cheese to pair with honey mustard is to consider how intense the flavor of your condiment is. While a cheese that has an incredibly delicate, mild flavor may get drowned out by the flavor notes within your honey mustard, a very powerful cheese such as a Roquefort will likely overshadow the honey mustard, making it a mere background whisper of flavor. You want a pairing in which both of the elements can really shine.

Or, if you're looking to experiment a little bit, think of some contrasting flavors. Pairing the sweetness of honey mustard with a cheese that has some of those same sweet flavor notes may be a bit too one-note — instead, contrast that sweetness with some heat, such as a cheese infused with chili peppers. Trust us — whether you whip up a homemade batch of honey mustard or buy your favorite store-bought version, you can't go wrong with this classic condiment on a cheese board.