McDonald's UK's New McSpicy Chicken Sandwich Has People Talking

If you're an avid spectator of the chicken sandwich wars, then there's a hot new sandwich you should be aware of. It's only available in the United Kingdom, but that just means that McDonald's fans are watching from across the pond. Apparently, the McSpicy, the fast food chain's latest addition to its chicken sandwich lineup, is set to hit U.K. locations on July 14th (via LAD Bible). Not to mention, this very spicy chicken sandwich will only be around through August 24th, so those who want to give it a try will need to pick it up within just a short six weeks.

The McSpicy chicken sandwich features a chicken fillet with spicy breading, lettuce, and just enough mayo to cool things off inside the toasted sesame seed bun. Just in case it's too hot for you to handle, those who order the McSpicy chicken sandwich through the McDonald's app will get a free kids' size carton of milk.

Will the McSpicy be hot enough for UK customers?

Of course, McDonald's fans in the U.K. are super excited to get their hands on the new sandwich. After the chain shared a tweet that customers should prepare themselves, fans were quick to respond with their enthusiasm for the hottest chicken sandwich offered at McDonald's to date. Those who liked the tweet would even get a reminder from McDonald's when the sandwich becomes available.

One person tweeted back simply saying, "gimme gimme." Another said, "Omg I can't wait." Another tweet read, "defo want one of these." But there were plenty of people who criticized the chicken sandwiches at McDonald's and even more who responded to the tweet as an open request box. Two people agreed that the new chicken sandwich is "100% not spicy." Someone else tweeted, "yeah they seem to be doing that for every new chicken burger, everything tastes the same pretty much." Others explained that they wanted some menu items back like the breakfast bagel or the breakfast wraps. One person just wants to play McDonald's Monopoly.

Whether or not the McSpicy is hot enough for you, it is definitely one way to shake up your order.