Good News For Fans Of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza

How do we love pizza? Let us count the ways. We love New York-style pizza, Chicago deep dish pizza, Neapolitan pizza, white pizza. We love it by the pie or by the slice. We love personal pan pizza, dollar pizza, pepperoni pizza, clam pizza. We love pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, and pizza for fourth meal. We also love pizza on a bagel or on an English muffin. 

As you can see, we're pretty unconditional when it comes to enjoying tomato sauce and cheese on dough. So much so, we're not ashamed to admit that we even love frozen pizza. Many are the nights when, bone-tired after a long day at work or entertaining unexpected guests, we've pulled a pie from the freezer, heated it up in the oven, and enjoyed it with great satisfaction. 

So consider us amped to learn that one of our favorite childhood pizzas — the one and only Chuck E. Cheese pie — is now available in the freezer section at certain grocery stores. The news is maybe even more exciting than winning the jackpot at Skee-ball!

Chuck E. Cheese pizza is now available in the freezer aisle

For those of us of a certain age, Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties were simply the bomb. There was the live entertainment, the video games, the chance to win prizes, the ball pit, and so much more. Although many of us may have outgrown the experience (no judgment if not!), the entertainment chain is still going strong, with 487 locations in the US, according to the official website.

The icing on the cake, so to speak, of a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party however usually wasn't the cake at all — but rather the pizza. Hot, greasy, and extra-cheesy, it was the perfect complement to other junk food menu items such as wings, fries, and soda. 

If you were down with Chuck E. Cheese pizza back in the day — or if you've been known to hit up your local restaurant once in a while — you'll be glad to hear that the chain's pizza is now available in the freezer section at a number of supermarkets. According to Comicbook, the plain cheese and pepperoni pies recently debuted at Kroger locations (as seen on the grocery store's official website). According to this Instagram post, each 18.5-ounce box costs $6.99 and comes with 250 e-tickets for extra nostalgia. So even at home, a kid can still be a kid.