Whipped Lemonade Is TikTok's Newest Summer Obsession

Even if you aren't on TikTok, chances are you've heard about the whipped coffee craze. Now there's a new whipped drink that's sweeping the social media app, and people are loving it. Whipped lemonade has quickly become the summer obsession of influencers and regular folk alike, and there appears to be no slowing this trend down. The hashtag #whippedlemonade on TikTok already has 3.5 million views, and followers are coming up with new and creative ways to make the concoction on the daily.

While some are creating whipped lemonade in a similar fashion to the whipped coffee trend (combining ingredients in a bowl and mixing with a whisk or electric mixer), others are mixing everything up in a blender to make the smooth frozen drink. Some are traditional recipes, resulting in the standard yellow color while others have extra ingredients and look like pink lemonade. There are even options for zero proof or spiked iterations. So, if whipped lemonade sounds like something you want to try this summer, search TikTok for the perfect recipe for this trendy drink — chances are it won't be hard to find what you're looking for.

How to make whipped lemonade at home

To make a regular, alcohol-free whipped lemonade, follow @mtlajeunesse's tutorial. This TikTok user simply combines three cups of ice, two cups of whipped cream, a half-cup of sweetened condensed milk, and a half-cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice into a blender. (Tip: If you want your drink really tart, you might want to up the amount of lemon juice or take away some of the sweetened condensed milk.) Once blended smooth, pour the drink in a glass and top with more whipped cream for a refreshing yet creamy summer-inspired drink.

If you prefer the whipped coffee method, there are also tons of videos to uncover using the #whippedlemonade hashtag on TikTok that will explain how to make this version of the drink. Just note for this preparation, you'll need have to have something like a milk frother or a hand-held beater to get the mixture to fluff up well.

In a few simple steps, you just might have your new favorite poolside drink figured out for the rest of the summer.