This Alton Brown Tweet Has Good Eats Fans Confused

This latest tweet by Alton Brown has fans feeling confused, and honestly we are too. "#QQ will be back, live tonight on YouTube at 7pm. And don't forget starting at 10pm on @FoodNetwork the final new episodes of #GoodEatsTheReturn #EndOfAnEra," Brown wrote on Twitter. Fans are generally taking this to mean that "Good Eats: The Return" has been canceled and will be airing its final episode. For those unfamiliar, the hashtag "QQ" refers to Brown's YouTube show, Quarantine Quitchen, which the Food Network star hosts with his wife. "Final new episodes" and "#EndOfAnEra" seem like pretty clear statements.

But on the flip side, "Good Eats" has ended before and taken breaks that add up to years. "Good Eats" the original ran from 1999 to 2012 (via IMDb), "Good Eats: Reloaded" aired in 2018 (via IMDb), and "Good Eats: The Return" was launched in 2019 (via IMDb). "Reloaded" and "Return" currently don't have an end date listed on IMDb, and there does not appear to be any additional data on the Food Network website.

Fans want to know what Alton Brown's tweet means

Fans, however, seem to be taking this mostly as news of a cancellation, albeit a surprise one. "End of an Era?! WTH did I miss?!?" tweeted one fan. Loyal fans like Support Caster are righteously indignant, saying, "You sound pretty definitive about this being the end. Why doesn't Food Network want to produce instructional shows anymore? Are they just too expensive? Or do the competition shows do better in the ratings?"

If Brown has more background details, he's not currently sharing them on Twitter, which leaves even more room to speculate. Is this a true goodbye or simply a shift in networks like moving to Discovery+?

As fan Corey "FFVII Remake PS5" Schwanz points out to Brown, "You of all people know that you should... 'never say never again.' These are not the final episodes, just the last currently scheduled new ones" (via Twitter). So instead of saying goodbye, we'll say goodbye for now. We're sure we'll be seeing more of the smart, dynamic, and entertaining Brown soon — whether this show or another.