This Alton Brown Announcement Has Good Eats Fans Divided

On February 8, Alton Brown, host of the Food Network show Good Eats, took to Twitter to drop exciting hints to the show's fans. "If you're a #GoodEats fan, look to the skies (social media) around 10:30 am eastern tomorrow. If you're not a #GoodEats fan, just go about your business," Brown posted. On February 9, he uploaded a new Tweet, officially announcing the return of Good Eats, specifically Good Eats: The Return

This marks the second season of Good Eats: The Return and the 16th season of Good Eats. The new season will be available for streaming on Discovery+ starting on February 18.

Fans of Good Eats have been expecting such news for half of a year now. In August, Alton Brown announced on Facebook that production for a new season of Good Eats was underway with 34,000 people liking, caring, and loving the news.

While waiting, Brown announced that you can watch every episode of Good Eats on Discovery+, including the Halloween special from 2020, "The House that Dripped Chocolate."

Some Good Eats fans may not watch the new season

Some Good Eats fans posted "Yay!" and "Woohoo!!!! I am excited!!!!!" Not everyone received the news about a new season with jubilation, however.

A few comments asked if the news episodes were "only" available on Discovery+ or if they would also air on Food Network. This is a common concern, as LifeHacker noted in their ultimately positive take on Discovery+, that "signing up for every streaming service will cost you almost as much as a cable subscription, so is adding yet another one of them worth it?" Rolling Stone strains to argue that with a price lower than other services and a vast array of offerings, Discovery+ makes sense as a streaming subscription.

However, many Alton Brown fans on Twitter went further to express dismay that they probably cannot afford to watch the new program. An emblematic tweet sighed "I get you probably had zero choice about this, but I am done paying for streaming services. Hate to miss new episodes, but enough is enough." Another said, "While I'm ecstatic that #GoodEatsTheReturn is continuing. Food Network & Discovery can take a hike."

This isn't the first time that fans have grown upset with the Food Network's decision to stream on Discovery+. Simply, fans are frustrated that the streaming market is reaching its saturation point. As one user tweeted: "I already have two other ones and I won't be paying another just to watch my favorite show. Major bummer!"