Only About 1 In 5 People Prefer This Type Of Pizza Slice

Forget your zodiac sign. How do you eat your pizza? Are you a folder or not? Thin crust or thick? Pineapple or pepperoni only? True, some may argue there's no "right" way to enjoy pizza. But for others, the way they eat their pizza means so much to them, they'd rather be caught dead than be seen eating a slice of pepperoni with a knife and fork.

Regardless of where you stand on either side of these issues, it's clear pizza is always going to be a contentious subject, often drawing out the ire of food purists around the globe. The manner in which one eats their pepperoni or cheese pie has the power to break up friendships, relationships, and even cause rifts between even the biggest culinary stars in the world. So far, most of the debate has revolved around toppings and eating etiquette, but we can't help but wonder about another incendiary question: What pizza cut is the best? Determined to find out the answer, Mashed decided to reach out to the public for answers through a survey that asked whether triangle slices or party cuts (squares) were the superior way to serve this beloved dish.

Many people find square cut slices aren't as satisfying as triangles

Of the 31,000 survey participants who responded to the Mashed survey, only 22% of people said they prefer their pizza cut into squares, or a "party cut." Based on the comments, it seems this preference is mostly attributed to those from the Midwestern United States, with many of its defenders hailing from Detroit. Fans of this style slice — which is sometimes referred as "tavern style" — claim it makes for optimal sharing, especially when it comes to thin crust pies. 

Meanwhile, a whopping 78% of people asserted that traditional triangle-shaped slices is the only way to go. However, it seems many who responded with this answer were less inspired by their love for this style slice and more motivated by their disdain for party cut. The reasoning? According to some respondents, square slices make for an unfair distribution of pizza. As one user pointed out, this style means some people will inevitably be stuck with center pieces that lack a good crust. Another quipped their dislike for square cuts comes from the fact that it's designed to make it seem as if there's more pizza than there actually is. "Square cut is what someone does when they buy a large pizza for eight people to share when they should've bought three pizzas and cut them normally," the commenter wrote. The top comment on the survey even sarcastically pointed out that the name "party cut" seemed like a euphemism to mask the fact that it yields less surface area per slice. Who knew shapes could be so controversial!

Of course, a minority of respondents expressed that they were indifferent to shape entirely and said the most important part of the pizza as quality of its ingredients. "Pizza is good in every way it's made," another person wrote. We'd have to agree on that one!