Savanna Swain-Wilson

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University Of California Santa Barbara
Social Justice, Accessible Wellness Advice, Internet Culture
  • Her work on The Financial Diet helped grow the site's rapid growth from a small blog to a recognized name with more than 800,000 followers on social media today.
  • Throughout her career as a journalist, she has had the privilege to interview world-class OB-GYNs, STD experts, and mental health activists, along with the communications directors of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.
  • Outside of her work, she dedicates her time to advocating in person and online for causes like LGBTQIA+ rights, economic justice, chronic disease awareness, body neutrality, and menstrual activism.


Savanna got her start in the digital media world back in 2016 by serving as one of the first contributors to The Financial Diet, an independent, women-led media company in the personal finance space. She then spent several years working as a freelancer in the lifestyle space, writing about everything from her personal experience with credit card debt to bad breakups. Her writing can be found on Insider, Self, Hello Giggles, and Elite Daily. She joined Static Media in the spring of 2021 as a food and lifestyle writer before becoming the company's first editorial assistant, supporting the editorial strategy team across 14 different brands. During her time as EA, she supported numerous live events, including the Grammys, VMAs, and Oscars. She was named the lead editor of in March 2023.


Savanna holds a bachelor's in film and media studies from University of California, Santa Barbara. As part of her coursework, she studied feminist film theory and sociology which helped her develop a critical perspective of media that informs her work to this day.
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