Savanna Swain-Wilson

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University Of California Santa Barbara
Food And Ingredient Guides, Restaurant News, TV
  • Savanna got her start in the digital media world back in 2016 by serving as one of the first freelance writers to contribute well-researched essays and opinion pieces to The Financial Diet, an independent, women-run media company. Her work supported the site’s rapid growth from a small blog to a recognized name with more than 800 thousand followers on social media today.
  • Savanna has more than two years experience preparing and conducting interviews for articles with experts such as academics, health professionals, business owners, and community members.
  • As a contributor to Insider, Savanna has produced detailed food and product reviews that have reached millions of viewers around the globe.


Savanna is a writer from the Bay Area specializing in all things food, wellness, travel, and pop culture. Throughout her four years as a freelancer, she’s produced original features and interviews for some of the most recognized digital media publications in the business, including Insider, Self, The Financial Diet, Hello Giggles, and BDG Media. She got her start covering the food world by writing product reviews and round-ups of her Trader Joe’s grocery store hauls for Insider’s lifestyle vertical. In addition to her writing work, she has a background in teaching at public schools and experience working the FOH in restaurants all over the California Bay Area. She joined the Mashed family in the spring of 2021 and is eager to combine her passions for food, education, and news, to share thoughtful stories about the culinary world.


Savanna earned her bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she learned how to research and write thoughtfully about the culture we consume on a daily basis.
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