This Is The Best Cheese To Use On Your Pickle Sandwich

As Good Cheap Eats describes, the cheese and pickle sandwich used to be a staple lunch for the working class because it was inexpensive and easy to put together and eat. The English sandwich, also referred to as the "ploughman's lunch," is typically made with two slices of bread, cheese, and Branston Pickle. Branston Pickle is very popular across the pond in the U.K. For U.S. readers, think of the tangy jarred delicacy as a kind of relish or chutney. The preserve is made with onions, cauliflower, carrots, and rutabaga combined in a pickling solution containing tomato purée and date paste. 

Don't worry, though, if you can't find Branston Pickle at a specialty store near you. Picture Britain has the perfect recipe to recreate this condiment for a sandwich they liken to those you'd find at a pub — though you don't necessarily have to pair it with beer to enjoy it like the Brits. Whether you're a newbie to this sandwich or you're already a fan of the English cheese and pickle combo, you'll want to know the best type of cheese to use when assembling this savory sandwich.

Cheddar cheese is your best bet

Food52 shares that cheddar cheese works best with a cheese and pickle sandwich, explaining that the creamy nature of cheddar against the sweet and salty pickles makes the two ingredients a perfect match. If you're going for the complete Anglophile experience, use sharp cheddar cheese, as Picture Britain recommends. 

Food Republic also notes that pickle and aged cheese work well together in this sandwich to create a Yin-Yang effect with the buttery cheese and acidic pickle spread. But it's the thickness of the cheese that really gives this sandwich its edge. Food Republic suggests cheese should have a "steaklike" thickness. Cheddar, sharp, thick, or creamy cheese — we think this sandwich is definitely worth adding to your lunch routine. Even the folks at British snack company Walkers Crisps think so. The chipmaker created a special chip flavor in honor of the beloved pickle and cheese sandwich.