Only 10% Of KFC Fans Think This Is The Best Item On The Menu

Need chicken in your life? One of the best places to enjoy a fried chicken meal easily is your nearest KFC outlet. The ubiquitous brand's popular chicken comes in different forms to serve all kinds of customers with all kinds of preferences. Obviously, people prefer getting the best meal, which can mean different things. As per Eat This, Not That!, some of the best items worth ordering from a nutritional perspective at KFC include the Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast, the Honey BBQ Sandwich, and the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich among others. 

However, what do KFC's loyalists enjoy feasting on the most? Mashed decided to dig a little and asked 649 respondents across the United States to share their views on some of the brand's various menu items. The most popular dish turned out to be the Famous Bowl with 20.65% of the participants picking for it over the other options. But one option got chosen by only about one in 10 people.

Mac and cheese doesn't get enough love

The Chicken Sandwich was the second most popular option at 20.03% while other dishes on the list included the Kentucky Fried Wings (17.72%), Popcorn Nuggets (16.33%), and Mashed Potatoes (15.56%). Surprisingly, only 9.71% of the respondents in the Mashed survey chose to express their love for the brand's Mac and Cheese meal. 

As reported by Delish, the brand decided to make Mac and Cheese a main dish in 2019 after it realized how popular it was as a side option. Customers could choose from two options: a classic, cheesy bowl of delicious Mac with popcorn chicken and three different kinds of cheeses, or a spicier version of the dish with hot sauce. A Reddit user explained why the dish didn't work for them. It simply didn't have anything remarkable about it. They wrote, "I got it once and was disappointed. I expected it to have a little something more than box mac and cheese." Too bad, eh?