Instagram Is Furious About Sour Watermelon Jell-O Shot Slices

For every great way to upgrade your summertime watermelon (see: boozy watermelon vodka popsicles), there's a very polarizing, sometimes unexpected way to "upgrade" your watermelon (such as the TikTok hack that suggested you drench your watermelon slices in a healthy helping of French's mustard).

Now, most recently, Instagram is in an uproar over a sour watermelon Jell-O shot slice video posted by the Food Network. Commenters say things like "ruined a perfectly healthy watermelon" and "this screams 'I have too much time on my hands,' just eat the d**n watermelon." Keep scrolling through the comments and you'll find one or two positive reactions to the recipe, but the overwhelming question seems to be "why bother?"

So what's all the fuss about this watermelon Jell-O shot slice recipe? Why is it the subject of so much hate? Watch the video and, sure, it seems a little time-intensive, but the end result is a pretty impressive, adult-friendly party snack.

Maybe it all comes down to a wasted watermelon

If you take a look at Food Network's accompanying recipe for the watermelon Jell-shot slices, it's easier to see where things might've gone wrong and why viewers aren't so keen on this watermelon recipe. It's not difficult to make; the result is impressive, and of the more than four hours needed to complete the recipe, only 20 minutes of that is active cooking time. The problem lies in the fact that, as some Instagram commenters pointed out, the recipe is just a giant waste of watermelon.

The recipe requires a 5-pound, miniature, seedless watermelon. You scoop all the flesh out of the watermelon, puree it, and keep the juice — but then toss all the actual watermelon solids in the trash. From there, it's just a matter of making the Jello shots with your watermelon juice and vodka, but as everyone's asking, why do this? Why not just make watermelon-flavored vodka shots without wasting an entire watermelon? Or why not save the watermelon flesh for some other use, versus tossing it?

If you decide to throw together this easy recipe, your party guests are sure to 'ooh' and 'ah' at the impressive results, but, if you want to avoid the same criticism Food Network's fans are dishing out on Instagram, don't let those guests see your watermelon-filled trash bin.