Taco Bell Is Running Out Of Food And Twitter Is Furious

The worldwide supply chain has been long disrupted thanks to the pandemic. Now that it has thoroughly affected Taco Bell, however, people are fully over it.

It's one thing for a restaurant chain to run out of something expendable, like sporks. But Taco Bell customers the country over are reporting shortages of everything from chicken and beef to hot and mild sauce. Fresh ingredients, like lettuce and tomatoes, are even in short supply in some stores, says Eat This, Not That! The chain has even had trouble sourcing 10-inch tortillas! Is nothing sacred anymore? The latter was so disturbing that even the New York Post had to throw in on the hysteria, with an article titled, "Taco Bell is facing a tortilla shortage and it might be time to panic." Pandemic-inspired ongoing labor shortages are also contributing to the chain's inability to handle customer demand.

Although the supply and labor issues aren't necessarily all Taco Bell's fault, the blowback has nonetheless been swift, resounding, and fierce. Taco Bell "fans" have taken to channels like Reddit and Twitter to voice their displeasure in droves.

Twitter users are reporting Taco Bell supply issues

Because no one is better at semi-seriously poking fun at first-world problems quite like Twitter users, the tweets are equal parts entertaining and totally bummed out. Twitter user @alyssa_mireya sadly reported, "The chicken shortage has gone too far.... @tacobell is out of the Naked Chicken Chalupa."

Another would-be patron, @WiscoTimeFact reported some positive benefits of the ongoing problems. "Labor shortage has to end. Taco Bell closed early last night so I had to make drunk food tacos at home," they said. "It just wasn't the same. I saved $42 and didn't crap myself."

Taco Bell fan @jenuhh124 saved others a trip by reporting that their local store was out of chicken and beef: "[I] just ate black beans in a hard shell. was not worth it."

Twitter user @Stephen_Roto has been patient up until now with all of the pandemic-related shortages. "Today however...my Taco Bell told me there's a mild sauce shortage and they ran out. That's one product shortage too many. Now it's serious," they wrote.

For what it's worth, Eat This, Not That! says many other chains are experiencing shortages. Taco Bell's problems are just amplified because their customers have a very engaged online community, for better or worse, in good times and in bad. Let's hope they get back to good times soon.