Nigella Lawson Just Shared The Perfect Solution For 'Disappointing' Strawberries

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson sure knows what it's like to conquer challenges in the kitchen and create delicious meals. In April 2018, she told Vogue that it's important to cut yourself some slack and stick to the basics whenever necessary. Lawson said, "I feel that I will never apologize for making roast chicken, a bowl of salad, and two lots of vegetables." Lawson added that sometimes that's all you need to do to make things easier for yourself. 

She also said that cookbooks can feel rather intimidating and it's crucial to not lose perspective. Lawson explained, "[T]o be given directions and to trust your palate, and go by the flavor and taste — that's what home cooking is. It's about taste, not necessarily about being elaborate." Hear, hear!

Lawson even has a super useful tip for those times when you end up with strawberries that are less than perfect and leave you unsatisfied. Her advice can help you salvage your batch of strawberries easily. Here's how.

Make a delicious dessert

Nigella Lawson wrote on Twitter that, if you have a bunch of fresh strawberries that are juicy and flavorful, you can enjoy them without any modifications. That's not always the case, though. She has a great suggestion for "disappointing, sharp and crunchy ones." She vouches for a dessert that can solve your problems: Presenting the Strawberry and Almond Crumble, ladies and gentlemen.

Lawson's recipe is dreamy and delicious. She writes, "This is nothing short of alchemy: you take the vilest, crunchiest supermarket strawberries, top them with an almondy, buttery rubble, bake and turn them on a cold day into the taste of English summer." Just like magic! Lawson also recommends adding "lashings" of cream — an element she regards "as obligatory not optional" — for unbeatable flavors.

A fan added that Lawson's recipe can also work well for those who are allergic to strawberries. All they need to do is use peaches instead for an equally satisfying treat. Yummy!