Gail Simmons Thinks This Condiment Is Used Too Much On Cooking Shows

Contestants on cooking competition shows like "Chopped" or "Top Chef" are tasked with one monumental mission — create the dish of a lifetime to impress the judges. And these judges aren't just people off the street that wouldn't know the difference between a filet and a New York strip, they're world-class chefs and foodies that have some of the most refined tastebuds and highest standards when it comes to what goes in their mouths.

As one of the regular faces on "Top Chef," Gail Simmons has tasted a variety of dishes from a lot of different contestants over the years. Needless to say, the culinary expert and former director at Food & Wine, has her fair share of (rightly earned) opinions about the food she's been served during her time on competition cooking shows. One thing she feels strongly about? Condiments. More specifically, she feels strongly about one specific condiment, deeming it over-used.

Gail Simmons is tired of Sriracha

According to Insider, Simmons thinks Sriracha is "simply used too often by contestants." The bright red hot sauce — which is sold in recognizable lime green-capped bottles — is made primarily of red  jalapeño peppers and vinegar. Moderately spicy, there are plenty of people who are big Sriracha fans, even if Simmons isn't so much — the brand does about $80 million in revenue per year (via Thrillist).

However, just because the "Top Chef" judge thinks Sriracha is a bit over done in the world of cooking competitions, doesn't mean she hates the hot sauce. Metro reports that Simmons keeps her fridge stocked with Sriracha (along with Tabasco and Harissa) at all times and, in an interview with Food 52, she revealed that one of her favorite bizarre food combinations includes the red hot sauce. According to Simmons, she learned the weird but delicious pairing of Sriracha and bananas from a contestant on one of her shows.