The Reason Natalie Portman Temporarily Gave Up Her Vegan Diet

Actor Natalie Portman is a big fan of vegan food. According to Bon Appetit, she has been vegan for more than a decade and is a huge fan of vegan alternatives to make sure that she doesn't miss out on any of her favorite treats. For example, she loves the different products offered by Impossible Foods. Her reason for going vegan was simple. Portman said, "I really love food, and I want to take joy in it, and part of enjoying my food is also knowing that it's positive for other creatures and not harming anyone."

She was so passionate about the cause that, back in 2008, she even launched vegan shoes for her fans (via The Cut). While the brand did not do very well in the market, Portman remained hooked to veganism. Despite feeling so strongly about the diet, however, Portman had to stop following her regimen for awhile. Of course, she went back to vegan food options as soon as she felt ready — but what made Portman pause her diet in the first place?

Natalie Portman decided to take a break when she was pregnant

Per Insider, Natalie Portman cut herself some slack when she was pregnant in 2011 and decided to give in to her cravings. She explained on the Q100 Bert Show, "I actually went back to being vegetarian when I became pregnant, just because I felt like I wanted that stuff. I was listening to my body to have eggs and dairy." According to Vogue, Portman felt like eating egg-based food items in the beginning of her pregnancy, but they "grossed" her out later. 

She also revealed that she knows there are those who choose to stick to vegan food during their pregnancies. However, Portman also acknowledged that it's important to be mindful and monitor things like iron and B12 levels. One solution to ensure that you're on the right track is by adding supplements if necessary, per Portman who has since reclaimed her vegan diet. According to US Magazine, her kids follow veganism, too. "We tend to eat vegan and vegetarian food in the house," Portman explained. "It becomes like the normal stuff that kids get used to."