The Real Reason Casey Wilson Sometimes Eats Dinner In Bed

Casey Wilson has a confession to make, and it might surprise you. The actress, podcast host, and New York Times-bestselling author sometimes opts to take a comfort meal upstairs into her bedroom for dinner. Between acting a starring role in the Showtime program "Black Monday" and co-hosting the podcast "Bitch Sesh" Wilson wrote and released "The Wreckage of my Presence," her book of essays, which apparently discusses her preference to dine in the bedroom — one essay is aptly titled "Bed Person."

While we all have our favorite spots to eat, most people wouldn't consider the bed as an ideal location. Between the possible mess, lingering odors, and lack of a hard surface to support the plate of food while you dig into the dish, some will definitely wonder what the appeal is. Casey Wilson is unashamed and opened up about her unique food ritual while describing her eating habits.

Casey Wilson's dinner in bed

Casey Wilson wrote a food journal for Grub Street and revealed her tendency to eat dinner in the comfort of her bed. "In my book, you'll learn that sometimes my husband and I will throw a beach towel on our bed and simply ... eat dinner in bed. No one loves that about me, but it's my truth," Wilson revealed. The key reason? Comfort, of course.

She compared eating in bed to eating while sitting on a couch and explained that the family's sofa is not the most comfortable. She elaborates, "Our bed provides more firmness than our couch, and so here we are." Wilson is sure to put a beach towel over her duvet to prevent any potential mess and removes the food quickly to avoid food smells contaminating the bedroom. She and her husband were even brave enough to eat chicken parmesan in their bed. While a delicious dinner, it is saucy and steaming. Wilson's method must really limit any unwanted effects.

Maybe the next time you order in, try Casey Wilson's method and eat your dinner comfortably in your bed.