The Vinegar Andrew Zimmern Swears By

Andrew Zimmern has been at this cooking thing for a long time. Throughout his culinary career, the "Bizarre Foods" host has not only sampled some odd eats but has also tasted regional specialties from across the globe. When the James Beard award-winning personality makes an ingredient recommendation, it's hard not to, at the very least, google it. And that's exactly what his favorite vinegar has us doing.

It's no secret that Zimmern is a fan of the acidic ingredient, but it might surprise you to learn that his favorite brand isn't from Italy. (According to Biz Vibe, Italy is the largest vinegar exporter worldwide.) Zimmern's preferred vinegar instead comes from north of the Alps. "There's a vinegar company in France called Huilerie Beaujolaise," Zimmern shared with Parade. "I write about it a lot. I talk about it a lot. I Instagram about it a lot. They make eight or nine different oils and vinegars that I have every single bottle of and I build menus around one of their products." 

But that's not all Zimmern has said about their vinegar products, he also shared which is his personal favorite.

Zimmern is a professed "condiment geek"

Zimmern wasn't kidding about profusely praising the brand. "I love posting about the ingredients in my pantry/fridge," he wrote when sharing a photo of a bottle of Huilerie Beaujolaise on Facebook. "This vinegar I use almost daily. From marinades to dressings to drizzling on anything. I go through it like water. A must for any cook. Huilerie Beaujolaise has phenomenal product line also...not an ad at all. Just a recommendation." That's quite the ringing endorsement for such a decadent ingredient.

If you're wondering which of those beautiful bottles Zimmern reaches for when planning his menu, we've got you covered. Though Zimmern shared with MyRecipes that he has "about 40 different bottles of vinegar in the house," the Huilerie Beaujolaise product he loves most is its Calamansi Vinegar. The star describes its citrusy flavor as a "cross between a lime and a tangerine."

According to the product description on Huilerie Beaujolaise's official site, Calamansi Vinegar should be used sparingly as a substitute for lemon because it really packs a punch. They suggest trying it on carrot or couscous salad, fish, or dessert. It's also recommended for seasoning and deglazing a pan. But be warned, Zimmern's go-to vinegar comes at a cost, selling for $25 per 250-milliliter bottle (via Milk Street). With Zimmern's seal of approval, we're sure it's worth every penny.