Reddit Fears This Popular Wendy's Sauce Might Be Disappearing Forever

Last week, Wendy's introduced a brand new, superlatively spicy sauce to its repertoire of crowd-pleasing dipping sauces for its chicken nuggets (and whatnot). And when we say "superlatively spicy," of course, we can only be referring to the final frontier of all spicy sauces — one that is infused with the Scoville heat of a thousand ghost peppers. Okay, well, maybe not a thousand, but it might not matter much to you if your airway is aflame — thanks to 600,000+ Scoville heat units (which, for the uninitiated, is just about the highest of heat any kind of pepper has to offer via Scoville Scale ... albeit but not THE highest).

"I'm proud of the work my culinary team has done to create a legacy of spice that keeps fans coming back for more with new menu innovations they crave, including Wendy's all-new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce," Vice President of Culinary Innovation for The Wendy's Company, John Li, said in a statement. Unfortunately, Li and his colleagues over at The Wendy's Company appear to have overlooked one tiny detail, which is that if the new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce was now "in," did that mean another sauce would now be "out"? As in, literally "out," as in "we ran OUT, and we don't plan on getting any more, ever"?

In a word, yes, at least that is what the Wendy's Fans of Reddit fear is what's happening to this popular Wendy's sauce.

Apparently, Wendy's would rather go to extremes than please the diehard fans of its more tepid sauces?

Something's been a-brewing behind the scenes at Wendy's, and some fans, particularly those who participate on the Reddit board devoted to all things "Wendy's," fear that their favorite sauce, the ever-popular "Creamy Sriracha Ranch," might be disappearing forever. Three weeks ago, before "Ghost Pepper Ranch" had ripped its way through the conference rooms at Wendy's corporate headquarters to make its debut at your local Wendy's restaurant, a concerned member of the r/Wendy's Reddit board had enough of speculation, his own and that of others, and just put the question out there: "Is creamy sriracha sauce discontinued?" Apparently, this user, Jmh881 works at a Wendy's and hadn't seen the sauce for two weeks, and their manager told them it had been "discontinued." 

"The sriracha is pretty much the whole deal for me," Reddit user "Cool Stray Cat," bemoaned, as did many others, albeit in somewhat less dramatic tones. Of course, not everyone agreed, this being the internet and all. As Redditor Super Swaggy Sam snarked slash trolled, "I will never understand how people can get so pissy over something like a discontinued sauce. The sriracha was nice, but not nice enough to the point I would demand a manager when there is none."

And to that, Redditor One Associate 4225 had just three words: "Speak for yourself."