Trader Joe's Fans Are So Excited For Its New Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips

From that charcuterie board to the hamburger off the grill, these Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips from Trader Joe's are a must buy. According to @traderjoeslist on Instagram, these pickles are similar to a bread and butter pickle, but slightly more sweet and with a touch of onion. Additionally, they commented that the pickles "were not crunchy" nor did they find them "very spicy." Some comments disagreed with that statement and found these pickles both "crunchy and super hot." While some people recommended adding these pickles to a burger or a sandwich, there are many other possibilities, too. 

Although many people are excited to add these Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips to their basket, some people are longing for a return of another flavor. As shared on @traderjoeobsessed, several comments asked when would Trader Joe's bring back the spicy dill slices. Even though the slices might not be on the shelf, the Trader Joe's website does offer Spicy Kosher Dill Pickles. This offering is described as tangy and garlicky. While some people might be running to grab a jar of the Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips, it isn't the only pickle in the Trader Joe's briny barrel.

Other Trader Joe's sweet and spicy tasty finds

While many people are running to purchase a jar of the Sweet & Spicy Pickle Chips, those tangy bites aren't the only food that features that sweet and spicy flavor combination. For example, the Organic Sweet and Spicy Pineapple BBQ Sauce is always a favorite. Whether served with chicken, pork or beef or used as a condiment for a burger or fries, the possibilities are many. It could even give that tired meatloaf a flavorful update.

Even on the Trader Joe's recipe tab, there are a myriad of sweet and spicy options. From a simple chicken skewer to a robust salmon dish, the nuance that the classic yin and yang flavor combination keeps food exciting. As Insider shared in their deep dive of spicy and sweet flavor pairings, it is all about the balance in a single bite. When that perfect flavor hits, it brings people back for more, just like that great new Trader Joe's find on the shelf.