Usain Bolt Is Offering To Buy You A Beer This Weekend. Here's How To Get One

Wondering what Olympic athletes eat? From eye-popping caloric intakes to a big emphasis on breakfast, an Olympic diet might look much different from ours. While we can't all eat like a star athlete, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy a beer on one. This weekend, Usain Bolt is buying drinks for fans through a partnership with Michelob Ultra, so head over to a sports bar to raise a glass and catch some of the 2021 Olympic games

According to PR Newswire, here's what Bolt had to say. "I've always been someone who has had as much fun off the track as on it, which makes this partnership with Michelob ULTRA so perfect ... I'm thrilled that we are able to join forces on a program that combines the joy in both exercise and sharing a beer with your friends at the bar."

Will you grab a beer courtesy of Usain Bolt this weekend? If you're excited for this opportunity to watch the Olympic games while enjoying a delicious brew, here's what you need to do.

How to get a beer on Usain Bolt

This is a one-day deal, so mark your calendar for July 24. On this day, just head over to your local bar and order a Michelob Ultra. Make sure to keep the receipt since you'll need to upload it to the website If you have other plans on July 24, there will be other opportunities to get free beer throughout the summer by participating in Michelob Ultra's Beer Run Program, according to PR Newswire.

But if you're really trying to get your free beer on July 24, do it early. People reports that Michelob Ultra will email everyone who uploads a receipt a $5 prepaid card as a form of reimbursement, but they'll be capping it at $35,000. That's equivalent to 7,000 beers, which may seem like a lot, but we're sure there will be many beer lovers looking to score this deal.

Want even better news? Michelob isn't the only beer company giving out free stuff this summer: check out this Olympics giveaway from Stella Artois.