TikTok Can't Get Over This McDonald's Free Refill French Fry 'Hack'

Super-sizing your order may not be a thing at McDonald's anymore, but apparently there's an even better way to get more of the fast food joint's famous French fries. According to Orlando Johnson, who goes by @ItsOsoProdigy on TikTok, all you have to do is ask for a refill.

In Johnson's video, that has since gone viral, his friend is seen excitedly returning to their table with an overflowing container of apparently refilled fries. Johnson explains that his friend simply walked up to the counter, asked, "Can I get a refill on the fries?" and his request was granted.

TikTokers in the comments section were quick to express suspicion, amusement, and eagerness to try it out for themselves. Some commenters claim that refills of McDonald's French fries are permitted but just unadvertised, while others say that, if the manager isn't there, the workers don't care enough to say no. TikTok user @ComputerSuicide shares that there seems to be no official refill policy in place, however when she tried her luck, she asked "with such conviction that the girl was so confused and refilled my fries without hesitation."

There's currently only one McDonald's location known to offer unlimited fries

If you live anywhere near St. Joseph, Missouri, you're in luck because it's home to "the McDonald's of the Future" and the only reported location of the chain to offer unlimited fries. According to News Press Now, the St. Joseph McDonald's is owned and operated by husband-and-wife franchisees Chris and Karri Habiger, who decided to offer bottomless French fries as a way to get people excited about the new 6,500-square-foot location, which opened in August 2016.

TikToker Orlando Johnson, however, wasn't at this giant McDonald's in Missouri. From the looks of his video, he was at a regular stop, and according to his Instagram bio, he's based in Phoenix, Arizona. Johnson did end up making a follow-up video where he and his friend tried it again, but at a Raising Cane's instead, and successfully received a refill. How have we not tried this all along?

It may just depend on the location or how generous the employees are, but McDonald's has yet to confirm what their official policy is nationwide. Though if Johnson's TikTok is anything to go by, you never know if you don't ask.