Is Breyer's Really Not Considered Ice Cream In Canada?

Breyer's has been making headlines lately, especially since some are claiming it may not even be considered ice cream in Canada. The rumor is that the treat is labeled "frozen dessert" in stores, rather than the term we all know and love.

Let's get one thing straight, ice cream is milk, cream, and sugar that is mixed together and frozen (via Spruce Eats). There are several special techniques to perfect the treat, and sometimes other ingredients are added in for that boost of flavor. In America, most ice creams consist of 10% to 16% milk fat.

Now onto the "frozen dessert" dilemma. According to Snopes, claims are that Breyer's is using this particular wording on the label because of excessive additives. Basically, the product does not have the proper amount of milk and cream that constitutes regular ice cream due to these additions. So, this begs the question, is this rumor true?

Breyer's confirmed the category in Canada has not changed

According to a customer service representative from the brand, the treat is being sold as both ice cream and a frozen dessert (via Snopes). Due to the fact that the products are represented in two different categories, it is easy to get confused. Breyer's in Canada confirms this through itsĀ website.

The OG flavors, such as Real French Vanilla and Classic, are still advertised as "ice cream." Similar to the regulations in the United States, Canada declares that the dessert cannot contain less than "10% milk fat or, where cocoa or chocolate syrup has been added, 8% milk fat" (via Justice Laws). A frozen dairy dessert includes a larger amount of ingredients such as corn syrup, whey, and tara gum.

Breyer's FAQs assert that all of its products follow the Legal & Regulatory requirements for packaging and will always be updated for nutritional info and ingredients. Therefore, anything that is a frozen dairy dessert will say it on the packaging (via Snopes). This case is officially closed!