The Hilarious Way Breyers Is Responding To Critics Of Its Cookies And Cream Ice Cream

In the not-so-distant past, Breyers cookies and cream ice cream was taking heat from customers. They felt there was far more cream than cookie pieces in the ice cream, and they didn't hold back to let Breyers know they were disappointed. But Breyers has responded with a hilarious comeback that will surely make previously disappointed customers satisfied while giving them a laugh.

According to a press release received by Mashed, Breyers is planning to celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day on June 28. The ice cream company announced that they will be rolling out an insurance policy that they're calling "Cookie Coverage." Though the Breyers cookies and cream ice cream has had an additional 20% more cookies added to appease the original complaints, the new insurance policy will help ensure customers are happy.

Of course, this new policy wouldn't be complete without a dedicated mascot. That's where Cookie the cow comes in. If customers still aren't happy, they'll get their next tub of Breyers ice cream for free (once they file a claim).

A strong response to cookie shortages

Breyers took their fans' criticisms to heart with this latest insurance policy. The brand has a history of occasionally filling up their frozen dessert cartons with a severe lack of mix-ins. Instagrammer @fatal_ posted a photo of a near-cookieless carton of Breyers Chips Ahoy and Oreo ice cream alongside the caption "Ugh @Breyers, you literally put 2 tiny pieces of @ChipsAhoy cookies in the entire carton! I didn't see those 2 pieces of cookies until I got to the bottom of the carton lol! @Oreo had big globs of cookies in their portion of the ice cream from beginning to end. What's going on? You didn't pay @ChipsAhoy the same amount as @Oreo when making this concoction?"

Another Twitter user posted a video of their Breyers Oreo ice cream that lacked any trace of cookies with the caption: "When [you're] craving Cookies & Cream...but only get...cream. Merp @Breyers @Oreo [who's] responsible for this?!" Even the brand's cookies and cream ice cream couldn't escape this issue. Steve Radick posted a tweet with a picture of a cookieless carton of ice cream alongside the caption: "I've got a bit of an issue with this Cookies & Cream ice cream that's all cream and no cookies." With an issue this big, it just makes sense that Breyers found a solution to their occasional cookie shortage.

What you get with Breyers' Cookie Coverage insurance

According to the press release received by Mashed, anyone who signs up for "Cookie Coverage" on June 28 for free at will automatically get "an official insurance certificate" for 50% off of their next Breyers Cookies & Cream ice cream tub. That's $2 off the ice cream tub. So you'll already get a discount just to give the brand's cookies and cream ice cream another try. Plus, for a $2 full tub of ice cream, you can't go too wrong even if it still doesn't have as many cookie pieces as you'd like. If you still aren't a fan, you can file a Cookie Claim, and you're covered for a free tub of a different flavor.

This promotion will be available from all major retailers across the country, so no one will be left out. Hopefully what you'll find is a tub of "creamy vanilla frozen base jam-packed with crunchy creme-filled chocolate cookie pieces," according to Breyers. While the changes should make for a delicious bowl of cookies and cream flavor, it's certainly a great deal worth trying even if you are on the off-chance still a little disappointed. Hey, you'll be insured.