This Is The Biggest Difference Between Sophie And Bobby Flay

In recent months, Food Network extraordinaire Bobby Flay has added yet another job title to his already lengthy resume: podcast host. The "Beat Bobby Flay" star has officially joined the podcast world with his own weekly broadcast called "Always Hungry," which he co-hosts alongside his daughter and L.A.-based journalist, Sophie (via iHeart). According to the podcast app, the father-daughter duo cover everything under the sun on their food-focused pod, from their favorite recipes to dinner table chats and restaurant do's and don'ts to craft cocktails. Additionally, the Flays also record lively debate episodes, where they spend 30 minutes comparing and contrasting how they prefer specific foods or drinks, such as coffee or pizza.

While "Always Hungry" was born out of their shared love for food, Flays says their differences are what make the podcast so unique. "I'm a man, she's a woman, I'm really an east coaster, she's a west coaster. We come from two different generations," he said. "I always feel like Sophie brings out the stereotypical 'guy in his 50s' attitude [in me]," he joked in an episode, according to The Daily Aztec.

Their generational age gap and bi-coastal lifestyle only makes the podcast that much better

Working with family isn't for everyone, but Bobby Flay alludes to the fact that their generational differences are what makes "Always Hungry" even stronger. Not to mention, their personalities and food tendencies couldn't be more different, given the fact Flay is a New Yorker through and through and Sophie lives and breathes L.A. (via The Daily Aztec). Whether you love a good taco truck or a thin slice of NYC pizza, there's something in this podcast everyone can relate to.

Their food culture references range from sea to shining sea, and often serve as a funny backdrop to their conversations as well. For instance, in one episode, Sophie tells her dad that she typically builds her breakfast tacos in either corn or almond flour tortillas. Flay's witty response? "Oh my God, an almond flour tortilla? I have to get you out of L.A. so quickly."

Their playful yet loving dynamic makes their podcast that much more enjoyable and easy to listen to. New episodes of "Always Hungry" drop every Tuesday.