TikTok Is Divided On This Frozen Pizza Cutting Hack

Artisan pizza chefs, look away for this one. TikTok user Conan Harkin has a frozen pizza hack that has the internet divided. In a video about dividing pizza, they use the caption, "Break the pizza before cutting so you don't have to cut it after" (via TikTok). The clip shows the TikToker grabbing a small frozen pizza still in the plastic, placing it along the side of the kitchen counter, and pushing until the crust cracks. They rotate the pie and repeat this process, yielding a fully "sliced" pizza that's ready to be baked. 

Viewer J Gitting said that "as a single person who only bakes/eats half a pizza at a time, I've done this for years." Samantha Haas seemed to approve, saying, "I mean it's just so simple we never thought of it [head exploding emoji]." And while this idea seems pretty simple, other users were quick to point out potential flaws in the approach.

Is it really a hack?

Typical frozen pizza hacks usually have to do with toppings, so this pre-cook presentation technique is definitely a little different. What really had users in a quandary was trying to understand if it really works well. Two big objections had to do with the fact that cheese will still melt while the pizza is cooking, which could result in a messy oven or the need to slice the pizza all over again. Alternatively, one watcher asked if the plan was to cook each slice individually.

But the biggest objection can really be summed up by commenter Aubrey Faulkner, who said, "As if cutting it takes more than fifteen seconds." Some users might disagree on which technique is 100% faster, but there's no doubt that cutting a pizza the old-fashioned way doesn't take very long – especially not with a tiny frozen pizza. 

So which is it – cooking hack or quirky gimmick? You be the judge!