What Awkwafina Really Eats In A Day

Audiences are often completely fascinated by what exactly celebrities choose to eat — on an average day when they're just relaxing or during a particular period of time when they're preparing for a role. The publication Harper's Bazaar documents the eating habits of celebrities in their "Food Diaries" series, and back in January 2021, they documented a typical day of eating for the hilarious actress Awkwafina (via YouTube). Anyone who has seen Awkwafina's larger-than-life personality on screen during interviews may have an idea of what her diet is like — spoiler alert, it's anything but typical. 

While there are celebrities who swear by the same meals, having an identical breakfast or lunch day after day, Awkwafina apparently does things a little bit differently. First of all, she acknowledges that her breakfast certainly isn't the same every day, although she does tend to favor things that are super easy and heat-free — meaning, they don't take a lot of time to prepare. She listed avocado as a particular food she loves, and also jokingly referred to Gatorade as a good breakfast choice. However, she also clarified that she's liable to consume everything from a box of candy to a full pot roast for breakfast, meaning that absolutely nothing is off limits for the hilarious starlet.

Lunch, dinner, and the role of caffeine in her life

If you thought breakfast was the only chaotic component of Awkwafina's daily diet and that the rest of her meals were more standardized and repetitive, well, think again (via YouTube). There's just as much variety for the other two meals in the day. The actress dished that she's not afraid to indulge in some snacking, even while waiting for her lunch delivery order to arrive. She's flexible with her lunch options, citing a turkey sandwich as an option she might select. She also spoke briefly about the role that caffeine plays in her life — namely, she has to treat the substance with extreme caution. Awkwafina has a pretty high energy level to begin with, and finds that consuming a lot of coffee or even a lot of caffeinated tea can have her absolutely bouncing off the walls.

As for dinner, often the biggest meal of the day for many, Awkwafina notes that she really looks for something hearty — no yogurt or light options for her. While the type of food she might eat varies, the one consistent feature is that her dinners are "humongous," by her own admission. An entire roasted chicken with some macaroni and cheese or other decadent sides wouldn't be out of place in her daily eating. Her carefree and chaotic style of eating certainly matches her personality.