This 'Egg Tube' Device Has TikTok Grossed Out

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TikTok can be great — the social media app can connect people all over the globe, teach you new things, and celebrate cultural differences everywhere. It can also expose some pretty interesting (and downright bizarre) tips, tricks, hacks, and gadgets.

One such gadget comes to us by way of an egg-cooking tube. Yes, a tube that cooks eggs. This Rollie brand device, which is available on Amazon, is a tube that promises to rapidly cook eggs and churn them out in a ready-to-eat cylinder. Sounds ... appetizing?

Of course, since the internet is all about revealing the crazy, head-scratching concepts of the world that can easily be purchased and delivered in a matter of hours, the egg tube went absolutely viral. Twitter users and egg-lovers alike lost their minds over this newfangled contraption and had everyone wondering, "What is this alien technology?" and "Should I buy one?" Short answer: probably not.

TikTok user reviews 'egg tube' device

No stranger to trends, the TikTok community unsurprisingly hopped onto the egg tube saga. User @flakeysalt, otherwise known as Joshua Weissman, took one for the team and did a "cooking gadget review" of the egg tube (via TikTok).

Truthfully, this review video should come with a warning or at least a NSFW tag. Or as one TikTok user put it, "This video is not for kids." There are sights and sounds that we can never unsee or un-hear, and watching this video took time viewers will simply never get back. "There is absolutely no reason for this to exist," wrote one commenter.

The sound of eggs plopping into this thing and the sheer terror created by the cooked egg cylinder emerging from it like something from an "Alien" movie could make a person cringe into oblivion and send their appetite running off to some faraway land. A viewer said that "the way it just flopped over made me gag." Another shared, "I sent this to my ex who's a chef and it killed their soul," adding, "bless u." One poor soul said, "It hurt just watching this."

If that wasn't enough to deter you (hey, some of us are just stronger than others — this would have been perfect for "Fear Factor"), know that the final moments of this review have Weissman taste-testing the cooked egg tube. Let's just say we'll take his word for it, save our money, and use a frying pan.