The August 2021 Aldi Finds College Students Need To Know

As a major brand, Aldi really manages to please its customers by catering to all kinds of preferences. A description on the brand's website says it all. It reads, "We're quick to spot the latest must-haves and work hard to bring them to Aldi stores without the trendy prices." This is true: there is a bit of everything at the store for kids, college students, working professionals, and more.

Per Spoon University, Aldi is an especially reliable shopping destination for college students thanks to its super affordable rates. The best part is that quality remains pretty good, which means that you won't be left feeling disappointed. Additionally, the store does well in terms of keeping various nutritional needs in mind. For example, if you're on a gluten-free diet, you'll be pleased to know that there are loads of options. Also, Aldi has different kinds of products: from furniture to home accessories, fresh produce, nutritious snacks, and more.

Huntington Home Over the Door Mirror

Full-length mirrors are much needed, aren't they? They make getting ready such a breeze. It's so much easier to take a look at your complete outfit when you have a full-sized mirror in close proximity. Aldi's got you covered, by the way. It's selling the super useful Huntington Over the Door Mirror starting August 4. The price is affordable too: Expect to pay $12.99 for one set. This product comes in highly recommended, as per Aldi Reviewer. It's a worthy buy.

SOHL Furniture Adjustable Storage Workstation

Need a workstation that can double up as a storage space? Look no further. The SOHL Furniture Adjustable Storage Workstation is going to be up for grabs at Aldi on August 4. Each unit is priced at $29.99. The icing on the cake? This product is super pretty and available in a couple of designs. Choose from dinosaurs or stripes for a quirky addition to your collection.

Anker Play Hand Sanitizer Keychain Plush

Considering the times we live in, it's crucial to carry a hand sanitizer at all times. Aldi has an adorable solution: the Anker Play Hand Sanitizer Keychain Plush at $3.99. You can choose from two designs: unicorns or dogs. Aww! The cute item will be sold at Aldi stores starting August 11.

Zak! 18 oz Sweet Treats Water Bottle

Hydration is key. And a super useful water bottle is all you need to take care of all your hydration requirements, right? Aldi has an effective option available: buy the Zak! 18 oz Sweet Treats Water Bottle for $4.99 starting August 11. What's more, it's really colorful and says "Donut Worry," "You're the Cherry on Top," or "You're the Treat."

Huntington Home LED Novelty Lamp

Need to spruce up your living space a little bit? Get your hands on the Huntington Home LED Novelty Lamp. It's a beautiful home accessory that's fairly affordable at $8.99. Grab one of these from August 11 at Aldi outlets. Choose from eclectic designs such as cactus, pineapple, rainbow, and unicorn. 

Huntington Home 50″ x 70″ Royal Plush Throw

A good night's sleep is essential for your health. And the right tools make things even better. Here's some good news for you. The Huntington Home 50″ x 70″ Royal Plush Throw will be on sale on August 11 at Aldi stores. It's pretty affordable too at $7.99.

Crane Men's or Ladies Lightweight Footbed Sandals

Heading to the beach on a summer's day? Or need to put on something quick to run errands? Aldi to the rescue! The store is selling Crane Men's or Ladies Lightweight Footbed Sandals starting August 18 for $5.99. You have three colors to choose from: black, aqua, and silver.

Huntington Home 2 Pack Hair Towel or Body Wrap

If you want to feel extra special after a shower, consider buying the gorgeous Huntington Home 2 Pack Hair Towel or Body Wrap for $7.99. It's very stylish too and is available in three designs including stripes, medallion, and floral. The product will be available on August 18.

Crofton 22 oz Glass Hydration Bottle

Want to make sure that you're keeping yourself hydrated all day? No problem. Just buy yourself the Crofton 22 oz. Glass Hydration Bottle. You've got three lovely colors to choose from: white, green, and blue. The price tag is affordable as well: $7.99 for one bottle. This product will be on sale on August 25.