The Most Underrated MasterChef: Legends Contestant

Fans adore Gordon Ramsay's popular Fox show "MasterChef" for giving aspiring chefs a chance at stardom. For its 11th season, the show was revamped as "MasterChef: Legends," which gives the competing home cooks a chance to be mentored by a wide roster of celebrated food world stars, including Ramsay himself. With renowned guest judges such as Emeril Lagasse, Roy Choi, and Masaharu Morimoto stealing the show each episode, this season is more exciting than ever. 

Lexy Rogers might be one of the youngest contestants this season, but her artistry and cooking skills make her one to watch. As a stay-at-home mother in the small city of Zion, Illinois, Rogers' ambition has viewers feeling inspired. Rogers is modest about her culinary skills, noting that she really pushed herself out of her comfort zone when auditioning for the well-known cooking competition. "It's not like me at all to do something like that," she tells Kenosha News. Being a mother of three, Rogers is no stranger to hectic days and lots of cooking, particularly cooking creatively on a budget. Determined to create the tastiest dishes without breaking the bank, she impressed the judges with a goat cheese-stuffed burger with Brussels sprouts during her audition for the show.

The judges won't be forgetting Lexy Rogers' dishes anytime soon

That mouth-watering black garlic and goat cheese-stuffed burger Lexy Rogers prepared for the intimidating "Masterchef: Legends" judges is what earned her a white apron, a.k.a. one of 15 spots in the competitive show (via Fox). Paula Deen, who was the special guest on that third episode of the season, was just as wowed as Ramsay by her classic dish. Rogers said herself that choosing something as simple as a burger is a bit risky, and Ramsay immediately agreed, reminding her that this is the "year of the legends." She's transparent in explaining that her weekly grocery budget for her family of four (now five, according to her Instagram) is only $40, so she has to be "inventive and creative" when putting meals together. 

Seeing a humble stay-at-home mom's dreams come true would bring a smile to anyone's face, making Lexy Rogers an easy crowd favorite on "MasterChef: Legends." She tells viewers that she's doing this for her family, which automatically warms the hearts of audience members and gains her some fans. Her passion is so endearing, especially her dedication to spreading the love of food. She shares with Kenosha News that she would love to teach people not just how to cook, but "how to love cooking." If Gordon Ramsay dubs one of your culinary creations "one of the best burgers" (via Fox), there's no doubt that great success is around the corner.