These August 2021 Aldi Finds Will Help Your Office Feel More Like Home

If you've recently returned to work in an office after being stationed at home for a year or more, you're not alone. While not everyone has returned to the workplace, The Washington Post reports that, in some major cities, nearly half the workforce is now back to the daily grind and daily commute — and these numbers will likely continue to rise as we get back to business in the US.

While there are some perks associated with working in an office — Free coffee! Free printer ink! Using less toiler paper at home! — there is a downside as well, since no office building can ever offer all the comforts of home. Still, you can always bring in a few items of your own to brighten up your cubicle. In August, Aldi will start offering a wide range of back-to-work finds that may help ease the transition to your old home-away-from-home and make it feel more like home-sweet-home.

4" Foliage (Assorted Varieties)

If you took up gardening as a new quarantine hobby, or have always been happiest when digging in the dirt, you might want to pickup Aldi's 4" foliage to create a little green space at work. The collection offers several different varieties, including the mini palm tree pictured here, and the pots are available in gray and white colors. The best thing about these mini plants, though, is they're super cheap! Each one costs just $2.99, and they'll be available in the Aldi Finds aisle starting August 4.

Huntington Home Pinsonic Sherpa Throw

Does your office really crank up the A/C to the point where, even in mid-July, it feels like a frozen tundra? Or maybe the problem is that, in winter, the building never seems to be warm enough? In any season, you won't want to be without this Huntington Home Pinsonic Sherpa Throw to keep warm. It will be available starting August 11 for just $12.99.

Visage LED Vanity Mirror

Remember meetings — actual in-person, face to face ones? Get ready for those again! Not only are pants required, but you won't be able to check your appearance in the webcam before you go live. Instead, you might want to invest in a lighted mirror to do a quick touch-up before walking down the hall to the meeting room. Aldi's Visage LED Vanity Mirror is a great investment for that purpose, but it's still super affordable with a price tag of $14.99. It comes in a choice of white or black frames to match your cubicle color, and will be available at the store starting August 18.

Pembrook Decorative Wall Message Board

Now that you're back in the office, there's so much to keep track of! While phone apps and notifications are great for letting you know what/where/when, in order to get a grip on the big picture, it may help to see all your plans on a larger surface than on a tiny phone screen. That's where these Pembrook Decorative Wall Message Boards come in. Each dry-erase board comes complete with a marker, and you can choose from three different planning formats: My Week, To Do, or Our Family Plan. In fact, at just $12.99 a piece, you may want to grab them all. You can do so starting August 25, just in time for school to start!

Anker Play Hand Sanitizer Keychain Plush

If there's one thing we all learned from living through a worldwide pandemic, it's that you can never be too careful with your health and cleanliness is often the key to staying safe. Well, okay, that's two things. At any rate, we now know that it's super important to have plenty of sanitizer on hand at all times, but there's no reason that it has to be boring, right? 

These Anker Play Hand Sanitizer Keychain Plushes are not only potentially a saving grace for your health, but they're also absolutely adorable. You can choose either a unicorn or a sweet little Shiba-looking dog design for just $3.99, but you'd better snap them up quick when they go on sale starting on August 11 – we've got a feeling these are going to sell out fast!

Zak! 18 oz Sweet Treats Water Bottle

If you're chained to your desk all day and can't find time for a trip to the water cooler, then a bottle you can fill up each morning is a must-have. No need to stick with a plain old boring container, though. These Zak! 18-ounce Sweet Treats Water Bottles feature cute slogans including "you're a treat," "cherry on top," and "donut worry," with decorations to match. You can pick these up at Aldi for $4.99 a piece starting on August 11.

Crofton Mini Salad Spinner or Spiral Slicer

One upside to working from home is that you can always take time to make yourself a nice healthy lunch, and the proximity to your refrigerator helps, too. If your office is outfitted with a kitchen, or if you can at least claim a tiny bit of space in the break room fridge, you can still create those healthy lunches at work, too. Bring in a few fresh veggies, then put the Crofton Mini Salad Spinner and/or Spiral Slicer to work, and you've got a super-nutritious midday meal to power you through the rest of the day. Each of these kitchen (or office) implements is priced at $7.99, and you can buy them beginning August 18.

Journey To... Curry Rice Noodle Soup Bowls

Even if the only thing you have access to at lunchtime is the office microwave, you can still enjoy a hot, tasty lunch courtesy of the Journey To [insert country name here] Curry Rice Noodle Soup Bowls. The current lineup of these ready-in-minutes noodle bowls includes green or red curry flavors and a Pad Thai option. Each bowl costs $1.99, and will be available at Aldi starting August 11.

Southern Grove Sriracha Ranch or Dill Pickle Cashews

When your energy starts flagging by mid-afternoon, don't hit the office candy machine. Instead, take a nut break with a handful of Southern Grove flavored cashews. These high-protein snacks come in either Sriracha ranch or dill pickle flavors, and each 10-ounce bag will run you $5.79. Look for these in the Aldi Finds aisle starting August 18.

Barissimo Almond Milk Latte

When you need a real pick-me-up to get you through those final hours at work, these Barissimo Almond Milk Iced Lattes will certainly do the trick. Each 13.7-ounce bottle has 180 calories, which is less than a Hershey bar (via SmartLabel), and are priced at $1.89 — which may be a bit more expensive than a candy bar, but will do a better job of filling you up with less sugar crashes. The current flavor lineup, available at Aldi starting August 18, includes both mocha and vanilla options.