TikTok Is Obsessed With This Chipotle Burrito Bowl Hack

Customization is basically a standard requirement at fast-casual restaurants these days. It's part of the reason why we love Chipotle and all the different ways you can make your order totally unique. A little pico de gallo here, some sour cream there, a little extra guac (because we're bougie).

Of course, because the world of TikTok is quite literally obsessed with food hacks, secret menus, and all things that innovate the world of big food brands, it was only a matter of time before a Chipotle hack (well, that is another one beyond these already profiled on Delish) made its way into the viral spotlight.

The latest idea is one of our favorites — it scores you two burrito bowls for the price of one! TikTok user @johnsfinancetips explains that, while Chipotle will charge you for your protein and the addition of guac or queso, other toppings and even the base of rice can be added in larger quantities without any extra charge. That means if you're feeling crazy, you can order a ton of extra grains, lettuce, and shredded cheese to your burrito bowl to really maximize it — and then create a second helping.

Even Chipotle employees confirm this hack to be true

While the days of free extra tortillas are over (R.I.P.), this two-for-one Chipotle hack has the TikTok community and fans of the food chain cheering — and has racked up 49,000 views and counting. As with any ordering trick, people might be skeptical of how true or common it is and if it will work for them. But user @laasyabb verifies it, saying, "As a Chipotle worker I can confirm." So, rightfully we feel our excitement is validated. Even the original poster, @johnsfinancetips, says in his video that he is a former Chipotle employee, which is where he learned the hack. So it must be true!

While folks are pretty excited about the extra food and money-saving opportunity that this Chipotle hack presents, it hasn't stopped users from asking the hard-hitting questions. User @nicosantiago04 wants to know, "Wait what if you order a bowl and it doesn't have a protein, guacamole, or queso? Is it free then?" And honestly, we'd like to know too. (Hey Chipotle, can your people call our people?)

But as the TikTok poster even advises, don't go overboard and take total advantage.