The Real Reason This Popular Vegan Fast Food Chain Just Changed Its Name

It's not easy engaging in any kind of business in the restaurant industry, much less when legal drama is involved. Chloe Coscarelli is a vegan chef, restaurateur, cookbook writer, and has even been included in multiple 30 under 30 lists, per her website. Amidst these numerous projects, Veg Out reports that in 2015, Coscarelli opened By Chloe, a fast food chain. The source notes that she partnered with ESquared Hospitality group for the endeavor, though business quickly turned sour within a year.

Coscarelli found herself having to pursue the group legally for various reasons, including using her name to open non-vegan restaurants. In 2020, Veg Out notes that the restaurant went through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which United States Courts describe as a reorganization of a business that allows the debtor to maintain possession. To top it all off, the pandemic in 2020 was not an easy time for any restaurateur. As a result of all of these events, it was beyond due time to clear up the air and start fresh.

By Chloe sold to a new team of investors who took over the business and debt, complete with a change of name and rebranding as part of the agreement. According to Forbes, the restaurant's new name Beatnic is a nod to its original location in Greenwich Village and the innovative and artistic nature of the area. The source details that Beatnic's packaging, branding, logo, and digital experience are all undergoing a makeover which will be ready by September.

What can you expect from Beatnic?

While visual changes will certainly be apparent, the central values of the restaurant will remain present. Nation's Restaurant News indicates that Beatnic will continue to create plant-based dishes, as evidenced by its new slogan: "100% Vegan. 100% Delicious." Greg Golkin, part of the management team for the new investors, remarks that "the brand's audaciousness and eccentricity are what set it apart." You can bet that Beatnic will light up the vegan fast food scene with its own spark.

Don't think you have to follow a vegan diet to enjoy the restaurant's exciting flavors. Forbes reports thatĀ Beatnic's president Catey Mark Meyers announced, "we are doubling down on our mission to delight both vegans and non-vegans alike." She tells Fortune that some popular dishes from the By Chloe menu will make an appearance with a twist, and plenty of new items will also be available to satisfy customers. Meyers gives Fortune a sneak peek and notes, "one of my favorites is our Toasted S'mores Bar which is a really fun twist on the classic summer dessert." You'll definitely want to keep an eye out for the opening!

As for Chloe Coscarelli, her lawyer reports that she is pleased with the outcomes and will focus on delighting her fans and friends with tasty vegan recipes on her various platforms, as perĀ Veg Out.