The Mexican-Inspired Ingredient Challenge Chefs Will Face On The Globe

No one sums it up better than the Food Network when they note Robert Irvine's extensive resume. The "world-class chef and entrepreneur," philanthropist and "host of Food Network's hit show Restaurant: Impossible" has a new hosting gig, and it is called "The Globe." Talk about taking over the world. The chef's new show "pits four chefs per episode against each other in three rounds of cooking challenges." 

Although chefs won't actually be leaving the cooking arena, we are promised an immersive LED backdrop, to help them "explore the world and its unique ingredients." Irvine will reveal which international city will serve as inspiration for the competitors and a baseline for what their cuisine should be planned around. Irvine will also dictate any must use ingredients and cooking styles native to the assigned locale. And the Mexican ingredient he has chosen may actually surprise viewers more than one would expect. So, what are they cooking with that is so out of the norm?

Packed with protein

In a Youtube interview, Irvine admitted even he would struggle in this competition. He's been to most of these countries, but admits that the guest judges inform ingredients to cook with and they are top notch chefs. So when it came to the Oaxaca City challenge in Mexico, Food Network wasn't shy to post on Twitter that the focus was not on Oaxaca cheese, but instead on chapulines, otherwise known as grasshoppers. 

Texas Monthly refers to grasshoppers as a "pre-Hispanic Mexican delicacy", and notes that they have a nutty flavor. According to Everyday Health, while many may be unfamiliar with the insect as a delicacy, it's actually shown to be high in protein and fat, and low in carbs, making them ideal for a "disease-fighting diet." They also mention that "grasshoppers are among the most antioxidant-rich insects," with five times more than you'd find in your morning orange juice. So, although the challenge may freak the chefs out a bit, there are worse options in flavor and health.