Alton Brown Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Blindfolded Cooking Video

Cooking show fans know that the runaway hit of the past year isn't any big, glossy, high-budget operation from a major network. It's Alton Brown's totally free, totally self-produced show "Quarantine Quitchen" on YouTube. Culinary celebrity Brown built a devoted fan base through shows like "Good Eats," "Cutthroat Kitchen," and "Iron Chef." Now, it's rumored that his long relationship with the Food Network is, at least for now, over. It's not all bad news, though, since Brown seems to really have found his groove with "Quarantine Quitchen." His fans might love this program even more than his Food Network offerings because of just how real the chef gets.

"This is a punk-rock project," Brown told Fast Company of the YouTube show he does with wife Elizabeth Ingram. "It's three chords and attitude, and that's a lot of who Elizabeth and I are in our real life." Every episode, fans get to hang right in the couple's kitchen, with nothing between them and this duo but a computer screen. Hilarity often ensues, along with genuinely helpful cooking tips and lovely glimpses at the couple's relationship. Oh, and lots of cussing — apparently, viewers adore getting to see this "real Alton Brown" who's more free-wheeling than his Food Network persona.

A blindfold, some knives, and hot peppers kept Alton Brown fans on the edges of their seats

One recent episode of Alton Brown's YouTube cooking show impressed even the most riveted fans. It was a true study in all of the things people love about "Quarantine Quitchen." There was a boozy Alton, a playfully bickering Alton and Elizabeth, a delicious meal, the risk of bodily harm, and of course, some cursing. All thanks to a blindfold.

"Last night was pretty epic with all the blindfold business... bad night to be an antique pitcher though," Brown tweeted of the episode, making a joke about a pitcher that fell victim to his sightless bumbling around the kitchen. For "QQ Goes Indonesian!", it wasn't enough for Brown to just serve up his fried tempeh with tamarind paste. He upped the ante by doing it all blindfolded. Brown managed to dice, slice, and chop chili peppers, garlic, and veggies; use a food processor, and fry the tempeh in hot oil. He did burn himself with the oil and there was the whole pitcher debacle, but other than that, fans were gobsmacked at how well (and blood-free) the meal prep went. 

Comments poured in throughout the episode, expressing fear Brown would chop his finger off and joking about Brown and Ingram's banter. They also seemed united in awe as Brown did the impossible, and even teamed up against one commenter who dared call the exercise "boring." Judging by the fast and furious responses, we wouldn't be surprised to see more blindfolded cooking on "QQ."