What You Didn't Know About The Dunkin' Diner

Dunkin' seems to have locations everywhere that offer their quick coffee and donut counters, but did you know that the brand also once operated restaurants? Boston.com summarized the news perfectly when discussing the closure of the country's last Dunkin' Donuts Restaurant, as they said, "We hardly knew ya!" The article states that the last location still existing was in Lake Park, Florida, though it closed in 2015. 

Since its opening in 1962, when Dunkin' was experimenting with "restaurant service expansions" that only lasted through the '70s (per Boston.com), this full-service Dunkin' diner was one of the only ones remaining and had been successful throughout the last few decades, serving all their regular menu items, as well as expanded breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

We only wish we had the chance to try it, as it appears there were some interesting menu items like fish, grits, and hash browns — and some with some Dunkin' spins. One example was the Glazeburger, which was a beef patty with American cheese and bacon housed in between two glazed donuts. Can you even imagine?! Despite having support from many local customers, the Lake Park location owner Dan Bowers decided to close the diner's doors in order to remodel the space and make way for a regular Dunkin' to move in.

The Dunkin' restaurant was beloved by the community

The Florida-based Dunkin' Donuts Restaurant was the last of its kind to exist. Despite serving items from the large chain, which has more than 11,000 locations worldwide (according to the official website), the diner had a very homey feel. According to a Palm Beach Post article, one waitress had worked there for 24 years, and had a close relationship with many of her regular customers. Erika Latson, a regular of the joint, also told the newspaper, "We can go anywhere to get the donuts but you can't go everywhere and find food like this."

Bowers' reasoning for closing the spot was that there simply wasn't sufficient equipment to keep up with what other Dunkin' locations were offering. Because of the sentimental value the diner had to many of its customers, the new location still offers a special ceramic mug to commemorate its former history.

Maybe in another life, we'll get to sit down and try it again.