People Overwhelmingly Prefer This Type Of Donut To All Others

"America runs on Dunkin'" might be a slogan, but it's also somewhat the truth — here in America, we love our donuts. According to CBS, a Postmates survey found that 96 percent of Americans "love" donuts, and Statista reports that over 201 million of us ate donuts over the course of the last year. There's even an entire day dedicated to the doughy treat, and donut shops are a dime a dozen in every city across the country.

If you've ever stepped foot inside a Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme or the bakery section of any grocery store, you know there are tons of different types of donuts. There's the original glazed, the chocolate frosted, the jelly-filled, the powdered sugar, the Boston cream — the list goes on and on. But of all the kinds of sugary deliciousness you can treat yourself to, which one is the most popular? Mashed surveyed over 28,000 people worldwide via a YouTube poll to find out their favorite donut. Here's which one came out the clear winner.

The classic glazed donut reigns supreme

According to our survey results, the original glazed donut is by far people's favorite, earning a staggering 68 percent of the votes. And when you think of glazed donuts, you likely think of Krispy Kreme. Since the 1930's, the national donut shop chain has been serving hot, fluffy donuts that are fried and then coated in a bath of sticky sweet glaze (via Wide Open Eats). In 2019 alone, Krispy Kreme sold some $887 million worth of the doughy treats, Statista reports.

The other donuts didn't even come close to the glazed donut's popularity. Second place went to the "other" category, with 16 percent of the votes. Top write-ins included Boston cream, Bavarian cream, Long Johns, and chocolate frosted with sprinkles. The cake donut came in third place, with 14 percent of respondents dubbing it their favorite, followed by the tiger tail — a yeast donut twisted with another flavor, usually chocolate — with just 2 percent.