Why You Should Never Use Any Utensils To Eat Tacos In Mexico

You've finally arrived at your vacation destination in Mexico, and you're ready to start digging into a delicious Mexican dish piled with juicy meat, cheese, and peppers. The dish in this delicious scenario is a plate chock-full of authentic tacos that boast a spicy aroma tantalizing your taste buds. On first instinct, the soft corn tortillas and overflowing filling and sauces may cause you to reach for utensils to better handle the fragile taco. Don't! Although reaching for a fork and knife is natural for Americans, you may want to rethink that choice when you're in Mexico. 

According to Insider, if you use a fork and knife to eat a taco in Mexico, not only will you stick out like a sore thumb, but you could also possibly offend the locals around you. Apparently, it might make tourists appear to be conceited or, as Insider puts it, "snobby." One easy way to work towards understanding the culture and customs of Mexico is to learn proper taco etiquette.

How to properly eat a taco

Tacos are super popular all across the United States. However, the Tex-Mex and street taco recipes we are used to are not the only style of taco you may encounter on the menu when dining in Mexico. No matter the style of taco, per Yahoo!, the appropriate way to eat them is to grab from the top, holding the open-end of the tortilla with your thumb on the side closest to you and your index and middle fingers on the side facing away from you. For a bit of extra flair, Yahoo! recommends sticking your pinky out. Even if you're worried about the taco falling apart, it's suggested that prepared tacos be eaten this way as a sign of respect for Mexican culture. Not to mention, you just might impress a few locals and any new friends you've made in Mexico.

Along with pizza, nachos, burgers, jalapeño poppers, and cheese with crackers, just add tacos to the list of dishes meant to be enjoyed without a knife and fork. If you're already accustomed to eating the hard-shell varieties sans utensils, try practicing with corn tortillas using Yahoo!'s method. It won't be long before you find yourself in Mexico holding those soft corn tortillas like a pro.