The Truth About Peanuts And The Keto Diet

Remember back in the day when the phrase, "I'm on a diet," typically meant you were, say, avoiding fast food and too many desserts? These days, generic "diets" seem to be a thing of the past, replaced by a whole plethora of specialized eating plans. From the easily understandable vegetarian and vegan diets to the slightly more intricate paleo and Mediterranean diets, plus the downright confusing Whole 30 and keto diets, we're living in an era when the act of eating — for some — is super complicated.

If you're one of the adherents to a keto diet, you know that this way of eating, perhaps above all others, is a nail-biter. Keto dieters attempt to keep their body in a state of ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body begins to burn fat, not carbohydrates, for fuel, which, according to Healthline, can improve health and lead to weight loss. Maintaining ketosis is often complicated, and sometimes it can be hard to determine which foods are low-carb enough to be safe on a keto diet. One commonly asked question is: Are peanuts keto-friendly?

Peanuts are okay in moderation

Who among us (besides those with allergies) didn't grow up on peanut butter? Later, as adults, many of us might question if peanuts are, in fact, a healthy snack. According to Healthline, they are, rich in protein, healthy fats, and nutrients such as biotin, which supports healthy skin, nails, and hair. But for keto dieters, who have to carefully consider the carbohydrate content of all of their meals and snacks, peanuts are often a source of confusion: Are they keto-friendly or not?

According to Ketologic, maker of keto diet snacks and supplements, peanuts are okay as long as you don't eat too many. Peanuts are not true nuts but rather legumes, per McGill Office for Science and Society. Even though peanuts are higher in carbs than true nuts, keto dieters can usually manage to have about one serving per day of peanuts and not worry about being "kicked out" of ketosis. Ketologic also points out that the source of peanuts (or peanut butter) is important, and it's best to choose nuts or nut butter without any added sugar or preservatives.

So there you have it: Like many things in life, peanuts are okay in moderation, even if you're on the keto diet.