This Viral TikTok Has Oreo Fans Confused

The Oreos brand has a lot of fans scratching their heads right now. The company's official Instagram account recently posted a TikTok video by @danizvulun, which shows her using a microwave to turn a standard Oreo sandwich cookie into a hand-sized Whoopie Pie looking treat. "So you take an Oreo, and you stick it in the microwave," she explains in the video. "It's been a minute, let's see what's inside." She opens the microwave and inside is what appears to be either an Oreo on steroids, or an Oreo ice-cream cookie sandwich.

The TikToker's video, has now garnered nearly 500,000 likes on the social media platform alone. The fact that Oreo's official Instagram account picked it up and sent it further out into the world, is only further evidence of how invested people must be in believing that the magical thing that happens to the Oreo in her video can actually happen in real life. But a quick perusal of any number of the 18,600 comments on her post, reveals the sad truth.

The viral TikTok in which an Oreo transforms into a Whoopie Pie is fake

If you're confused by the viral Oreo TikTok, you are not alone. One follower of the post wrote, "That's not an Oreo ma'am." Another user seemed frustrated and commented, "I'm curious why so many people seem to lie about things on here what is the world coming to." Then there was the microwave she used, which people couldn't seem to wrap their heads around. One TikToker said, "So I'm the only one focusing on the SLIDING microwave... ok." While another added, "Y'all she just wanted to flex on her 'groovy' microwave."

Ultimately, however, the biggest question this viral TikTok raises is why on earth would Oreo's official Instagram account have shared this video, which is clearly fictional. One user said it best, "If I put an iPhone in there, will I get an iPad? or do i have to use THAT microwave."