Aldi Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Mini Croissant Boxes

It's not a secret that Aldi has tons of popular items for sale, plenty of them with what can only be described as having a cult following. There's even an Aldi Reddit subgroup filled with more than 60,000 loyal followers sharing their favorite products and purchases within the community. You can find customer reviews, ideas for serving different items, and pictures of stores around the world. Among the more recent entries, a Redditor by the name of @u/beep41 praised Aldi's mini croissant box. If you haven't noticed it in stores yet, the box contains 12 mini croissants, conveniently packaged for easy transport.

The original poster seems to think that these flaky treats haven't yet received the recognition they deserve. Since the post went live, more than a dozen Aldi shoppers responded in the comments section, sharing suggestions about how best to enjoy the tiny bundles of dough. Ideas ranged from simply slathering on some butter and devouring, to using them to make French toast. One fan noted they had paired Aldi's mini croissants with a cinnamon sugar spread also sold at the store for a decidedly sweet treat. Another Aldi shopper remarked, "For lunch I'll plate one of these with chicken cranberry salad and a side of cheese, crackers, pickles, or fruit."

These mini croissants will make you feel like you're at a French café

For some Reddit followers, they said the mini croissants were already a weekly purchase in their household. Many others enthusiastically noted they were a breakfast staple that can even offer an imaginary trip across the ocean, as Redditor @bwoods43 said, "After a tiny toasting, I can pretend that I'm in Paris." Aside from the regular butter croissants, some Aldi shoppers mentioned that their stores also carried chocolate-flavored mini croissants, which sound just as delicious.

As with all of Aldi's products, these treats are reasonably priced, as one follower astutely pointed out: "People pay as much for just one Starbucks croissant as this whole pack." Another warned fellow Aldi shoppers not to hype them up too much to avoid a price increase, but the good news is Aldi tends to keep its prices low overall. Of course, a comparison with Costco croissants was unavoidable, and one Redditor found Aldi's to be slightly drier and smaller. Nonetheless, chances are that differences in storage might have been what created this discrepancy. All things considered, you'd be choosing well if you brought home a box of Aldi mini croissants.