Instagram Loves This Endearing Post Involving Paula Deen And Her Aunt

Paula Deen, the famous southern cook and host of "Paula's Home Cooking" and "Positively Paula" (via IMDb) just posted a new Instagram video featuring herself and her beloved Aunt Peggy, along with some friends. The video quickly touched the hearts of Deen's fans who follower her on the social media platform.

Many fans of Deen might know that her aunt Peggy Ort, now in her '90s, played an important role in her life. A "spitfire" in her youth, Deen has said that she was always more similar in personality to her aunt than to her soft-spoken mother (per Deen's website). When she was 23, her mother died, and Peggy helped to fill the gap in "motherly guidance." Deen writes, "I've realized you don't have to give birth to a child to love it like it's your very own."

Aunt Peggy, who has popped up in previous social media posts and on "Positively Paula" (per IMDb) appears in Deen's latest Instagram video about making homemade mayonnaise. Deen's BFF (per News and Press) Susan "Bubbles" Greene, another regular fixture in Deen's videos, joins in the mayo-making, as does Greene's 97-year-old mother, whom they call "Ring-Ring." No backstory is given on what we assume is a nickname, but a southern fan on Instagram commented, "We southern women always have double names."

Ring-Ring, Deen explains, is a bit of an expert on homemade mayonnaise, something Deen and Bubbles admit they need as they recount a previous failed attempt at making the creamy condiment.

Deen used a vintage mixer and an old recipe to make new memories

Ring-Ring's vintage Sunbeam mixer and her hand-written, 56-year-old mayonnaise recipe brought redemption for Paula and Bubbles, but just barely, as the old machine came close to overheating. When the mayonnaise was done (a tricky process that requires the careful addition and mixing of egg yolks, canola oil, lemon juice, salt, paprika, and boiling water), Ring-Ring declared that Deen and Bubbles ought to "bow down to that mixer" as Aunt Peggy nodded in agreement.

Fans loved the input of the older ladies, whom Deen admitted to keeping up late to make the mayo. One fan said, "Those lovely ladies are gorgeous 90 plus!! Really unbelievable." Another commented, "That was both precious and priceless ... the older Southern ladies – just like being with family."

"Love it. Hilarious," chimed in a follower. One fan summed up the video perfectly: "This was [an] awesome post ... Kitchen, family, fun, food and love."

The last 10 minutes of the IG post included a throwback video to the failed mayonnaise attempt. Long story short: mayonnaise should not be pourable. "So sorry y'all, but this is a flop," Deen laughs, making us all feel better about our own kitchen disasters.

But the sweetest moment arguably occurred toward the start of the video. From her cozy kitchen with Aunty Peggy and Ring-Ring, Deen paused the frivolity for a serious moment, saying: "We're all so fortunate to have them. Not just you and me, Susan, but everybody that comes in their presence."