This Is The Most Popular Food People Are Ordering During The Olympics

A lot has changed in the year that has gone by since the 2020 Olympic games were postponed from summer 2020, until summer 2021. And one of those things is America's dining habits. Specifically, ordering in food for delivery has become more popular than ever among American adults, with 53% saying that it has become "essential" to their lives at present, according to Restaurant Hospitality. The market for food delivery services have also grown by 20%, compared with the same time period one year earlier (via Bloomberg Second Measure). So, you might not be all that surprised to learn that a lot of Americans expect to order in food for delivery at least once while viewing the Olympics in 2021. 

However, what might surprise you is just how few do not. According to a survey conducted by Nextbite, 22% of American adults don't see themselves ordering in food for delivery — even once — while watching the games (via Global Newswire). That leaves, of course, a full 78% of Americans surveyed fully expecting to be ordering in. "Ordering food for delivery is now a part of the viewing experience for the Summer Games," said Nextbite's CEO, Alex Canter. So, what exactly are Americans planning on ordering while they take in the games? 

Three foods are on everyone's mind for delivery during the Olympics

Although men and women appear to have different preferences for which Olympics events they enjoy watching most — with men identifying basketball, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, and volleyball as their top five events, and women identifying gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, water sports, and soccer as theirs — these two genders are in agreement over which foods they like to order in when watching their favorite events. "Topping the list of favorite foods for delivery during the Summer Games are pizza (51%) and burgers (35%)," according to the press release by Nextbite. 

However, here's an interesting wrinkle that you might not have seen coming — apparently, Americans are more likely to order chicken wings for delivery when they are watching gymnastics events. Per Nextbite's survey, 15% plan to order chicken wings while watching Olympic gymnastics events. Since gymnastics also turned out to be the most popular event to watch, and 67% of those surveyed said that they had plans to watch it, it's a safe bet that a ton of chicken wings will be ordered for delivery before the Olympics come to a close on August 8.